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[unrelated][/unrelated] Tags
« on: December 27, 2010, 01:01:51 PM »
An SMF mod for this doesn't actually exist for this yet but I've identified 2 modules that are similar that I would gladly edit (professional web designer & programmer) the one to get this working

This one will not display the unrelated section until someone has posted in the thread:

This one will not display until Show Unrelated is clicked:

The idea is this... often times there is the need to place something unrelated in a post that does not contribute to the topic, though has some importance to the poster. This has the potential to derail the OT. It would then be helpful to HIDE the bit of unrelated information so that it is harmless but still gets to the OP. This is easier, avoids the need and formality of a PM, plus most people won't send a PM anyway so this may be more effective.

Actually a pretty small change, but it could have great results, assuming people know about it and understand the concept behind it.

I'm a fan of the methodology of the first mod since it should prevent new repliers from knowing there is an unrelated section, which would keep them from responding to it (mission accomplished).
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