Author Topic: Meeting Sebastien Foucan / James Bond Tribute  (Read 1130 times)

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Meeting Sebastien Foucan / James Bond Tribute
« on: November 19, 2010, 10:23:50 AM »
Don't know if i'm in the right place for that post, [admins] feel free to move/remove if not.

On the 11st & 12nd December there will be a  "James Bond Tribute" in Paris.
6 movies on the menu in the hall "nouveau latina", 20 rue du temple, Paris (4th arrondissement)
Each movie will be introduced by somebody who got involved in it :
* Sebastien Foucan ("Molaka" in Casino Royale)
* John Glenn (Director of 5 episodes between 1983 and 1989)
* Maryam d'abo ("Kara Milovy" in The Living Daylights)
* Steven Saltzman (co-producer of 9 episodes)
* And surprise guests to come
Sponsored by Activision who'll make the show with their video games : GoldenEye & Blood Stone.
6 movies during 2 days = 50 euros.
you can book your seat here :

Ironically, most probably i'll be in James Bond's country on that day (christmas shopping^^ => wife rulezzzzzz).
Just posting in case somebody is around on that day.