Author Topic: Parkour in the dictionary!!  (Read 1125 times)

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Parkour in the dictionary!!
« on: October 23, 2010, 07:53:40 PM »
    Well traceurs it's finally time to throw out those old out-dated Websters dictionaries and trade it in for a new model. According to our friends across the Ocean at Parkour Generations....

               "Long overdue, the words Parkour and Freerunning have now been entered into that bastion of the English language,
                the Oxford English Dictionary. The original application for the words to be recognized was made by Parkour UK
                almost two years ago, and finally it has come through - the definition, subject to input and revisions from the
                bods at the OED, is definitely not perfect but it's a major step for the discipline in terms of recognition."

    While it may give a very narrow portion of what parkour is and has become to all of us it is still something that should be celebrated. Nothing is perfect so while we may not agree entirely with the definition (I couldn't find it) we should still be happy it is there.

    Why is this important? To us it really isn't but to everyone who doesn't practice it could be. As traceurs we can now use reference for a static basic definition of parkour to people who ask us what we are doing but have no real interest. It can be of great use for school reports and speeches and I am sure it has many other uses.  

    Regardless of how you feel about a printed definition that could define how the world looks at us you must remember that it is not entirely the dictionary that gives words their meaning. It is up to us just as it has always been to provide the connotation that the words parkour and free running will have. We don't want to give people the image of a bunch of punks or daredevils. Similar to the connotation prescribed to skateboarding.

    Last this definition changes nothing. We should not make it out to mare then it really is. It is a news worthy event and something we should be proud of.  There are still many "words" that are not in the dictionary. I just took this as an opportunity to once again explain the role each of us plays in promoting our art.