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take a look at this!
« on: October 08, 2010, 01:34:56 PM »
Straight from the website

Are you the next Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee? On October 22-23 you'll have the opportunity to learn the essential skills to becoming an action star by learning from the best! You'll train with a professional tumbling coach, certified stunt professional, Bushi Ban martial arts experts and more! Not only that but after you've learned all the necessary skills of becoming an action star, you'll have the opportunity to test your newly acquired skills by creating your own action scene! The scene will be filmed and edited for you but choreographed by YOU! We'll also be having a viewing and award ceremony that same evening to recognize all of your talent and hardwork.

The cost is $40 for you and all of your friends, so the more you bring the cheaper it is!

And if we get 60 people to say they are "attending" this event we will lower the cost to $30 per group! So tell all your friends and say "attending" now!

Here is the schedule:


Fight Choreography/Acting


Award Ceremony/Viewing

here's the video

hope to see some of you there!  if you have any questions contact me at 801-602-5854

have a nice day