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Ryan Ford:
This thread is a compilation of links to some of the best videos put out by the parkour and freerunning communities. To earn a place in this list, the video must show tremendous skill, refreshing originality, vital information, or top notch editing and production. This is an exclusive list and any video found here can be viewed as an important resource for the online communities in the way of information, inspiration, and achievement. This list will be updated whenever a worthy video is released. All comments, suggestions, and questions regarding the videos on this list (and ones that aren't) are welcome in this thread.

David Belle Parkour Report w/ English Subtitles -

District 13 Chase Scene by David Belle -

Speed Air Man by David Belle -

Generation Yamakasi by Yamakasi -

U$F Volume 3 ft. Stephanne Vigroux by UFF -

Dispersion by Mike Yamrus -

Vaults 102 by Demon -

A Brother's Journey by Team Evo -

Dvinsk Clan -

Trip to Lisses by Daniel Ilabaca -

London Trip by Daniel Ilabaca -

Power is Nothing Without Control by Blane -

Record of Achievements by Owen -

3Run Family Video by TK17 -

Wow, Owen's a friggin' gibbon.

I really like the VA PK Timeless video. Others who know a lot more than me will be better judges of the skill shown. In any case, this is the video I show to people when I want to introduce parkour. It doesn't include roof-jumps or such things to freak out parents. It shows movement and flow (whether real or spliced-together), rather than individual exercises or moves. And it looks hard but possible to someone like me, while watching Owen would just intimidate me if that's the first thing I saw.

Ryan Ford:
Updated. keep the suggestions coming. when i have more time, i will organize the list better.

Every video on here!

why the hell isnt bruno's video on there. its awsome.


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