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traceur Tag!
« on: February 23, 2010, 02:33:02 PM »
this sunday at 10am we will be meeting at oakdale elementry (adress toward bottom of message) at the playground in the back of school to play traceur tag

the name of the game is tracer tag, What is traceur tag? it is a game of tag using parkour to either chase down someone and tag them, or to use parkour to efficently get away from someone who might be trying to tag you.

this is a great oppertunity to train using parkour in real situations

i suggest you leave early we will not be waiting for late commers, so when you arrive if the game has already started just jump in and yell "New Commer entering the game" the downside of this is that you will become the one who is "it" breaks will be taken and rules will be discussed so that the game stays safe and fun, here is a list of the current rules, the rules may change the day of the game

1. When trying to tag somone you CANNOT grab them, especially if you try to tag them while they are performing a high jump or a vault

2. if you run outside of the border of the playground you automatically become the person who is it

3. if you biff it and fall, if you are in pain and unable to get back up, you need to yell "Man down" at this point the game is haulted to make sure the injured tracer is ok, game will resume when injured tracer is able to walk off the playground or get up and continue playing

4.When running underneath the high bridge, pay attention to see if anyone is jumping off the high bridge or vaulting off of it, this will help you avoid getting landed on

below is the address to school and a link to a video of what the playground looks like

Oakdale elementary
1900 Creek Road
Sandy, UT 84093-6399

text me if you have any questions

Sean Bigelow

Cell:(801)638-2562 (Always text me first)


Favorite place to train: SLCC Redwood Campus
Sean Bigelow

Cell: (801)638-2562

Check out DEFY on facebook
"Defy parkour in utah" join the group to stay involved with other traceurs