Author Topic: Runescape players feel entitled to stuff each week  (Read 151 times)

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Runescape players feel entitled to stuff each week
« on: December 05, 2019, 06:40:26 PM »
New skills are blocked from MTX because individuals only really care about the initial couple of 200m runescape players. A monthly/weekly hiscores set is also for runescape players that care beyond RuneScape gold that; All that would need to be done would be to exclude any XP gained from BXP, lamps or MTX related means. Then have the top 3 every month get some sort of icon in their own Adventure Log? If that's still not great enough, there is still hiscores. This will never occur. If you are here to bargain with Jagex, understand this could be way too big a loss (no matter how"short term" it might be) for them to consider it. What really should happen is a F2P expansion. Boost max P2P levels remodel the entirety of the F2P regions, and generate a quest line that guides the runescape participant through major cities and to ~50 skills and awards an untradeable bond at the conclusion of the series.

This cannot be fixed and expect people return and create half a dozen accounts. Much of the effort put into PvP content is butchered on discharge, or not really worth the risk for the reward of it. Because it's time that might have been spent on all the upgrades we aren't currently getting dev time is generally not well recieved. Replacing item drops would be a baby step into encouraging runescape players to devote some time in the wildy, however there's a great deal of controversy over that also.

Honestly, Jagex never should have polled updates are wanted by us. Runescape players feel entitled to stuff each week and constantly bring up it. 1 update per month would be fine, considering the scope. Then the other 3 weeks could be other updates like QoL and repairs. It would also help to have an upgrade theme each month which RunePass may follow. Again, great post! You have made a great deal of good points. I hope Mod Warden sees that and takes it. There are loads of people in this thread who are overly fussy about"NO MTX" to recognize it's too late for that struggle. Continuing to fight that battle is moot, but offering constructive suggestions is where our attention needs to be focused if we want an opportunity and change at abolishing Treasure Hunter.

You are missing the point of gaming and RuneScape. It was to buy OSRS gold to not skip as much as possible to get someplace, its all about the journey getting there. By swiping the credit card of your mom you are just missing out. It isn't important if you're playing for 20 minutes or 20 hours every day. Its not all about"endgame" and even though it were you are gont arrive and realise there's nothing to do. Uhh? I purchased all of my degrees and suck at runescape match to be eliminated so that I can skip something else.

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