Author Topic: Frostis interview.  (Read 30125 times)

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Frostis interview.
« Reply #20 on: January 19, 2010, 01:00:04 PM »
Over your experience, what injuries have you had?
Also, what techniques do you use to overcome your fear.

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Frostis interview.
« Reply #21 on: January 19, 2010, 05:42:59 PM »
> Boxers or briefs? (Or none?)

> Where do you see PK/FR going in the next ten years or so?


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Frostis interview.
« Reply #22 on: January 20, 2010, 09:01:31 AM »
Do you incorporate Wilderness training into your practice, or would you say that your environment is usually urban?

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Frostis interview.
« Reply #23 on: January 21, 2010, 08:53:44 AM »
First things first: Super duper job!
Second things second: When Andy actually brings me to Primal next time he goes, will you not be a loser?
Third things third: Walk me through a normal day for not a question? What's a normal day consist of?

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Frostis interview.
« Reply #24 on: January 21, 2010, 11:35:19 AM »
Alright guys, time has gone by, enough for us to get our questions posted. Lets now give Frosti some time to answer the questions.
THanks in advance my man.
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Frostis interview.
« Reply #25 on: January 24, 2010, 05:46:58 PM »
Waaaiiit! I gotta ask a question!

Frosti, what are your hours?
Need something Washington Parkour related?

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Frostis interview.
« Reply #26 on: January 28, 2010, 06:53:05 PM »
Sorry this took so long, I actually shot a video to answer the questions but then I got a bunch more and I forgot my camera on my way to Hawaii so I just did it again because I love you all so much.

T- Murda
Why do you SUCK!!??!??! - Mostly I'm just so jealous of you.

What is your favorite type of training session? Ninja mission, sessioning a spot and finding possibilities, running through the city, etc...? I think it's important to mix it up, try a little bit of each, but really I just like to have fun. So whatever mood I'm in is going to dictate how I train, if I want to get a move down I'll drill it, if I want to mess around I'll just session spots, and sometimes you just have to go.

Frosti, I watched your video and my mind was blown... no literally like my brain couldn't take the awesomeness and exploded, how do I fix this?... - It's pretty common, unfortunately there's no known cure yet.

In all seriousness, what ran through your head on that save in the video, it was amazing! - If I had to guess it probably was something like: "Weeeeeeell, shit." But then add a healthy dose of body awareness, lucky underwear, and years of training and somehow landing feet first just happens.

Im extremely jealous of your "good job" shades (thats what they said right? hahha) Can i have them? - I would honestly say yes, but I lost them. So it goes.

Is your birth name actually Frosti? or is that a nickname? I never had a birth name, I was found on the rooftop of a Wendy's in Michigan in the middle of February. The name came from there.

Not a question, but i must say, your ariakes look SWEET!! - I know.

Andy Keller
My question: Next time I come to Primal, are you going to be a loser again? - I've never been a loser in my whole life ever. Except when you come to Primal, I think I'm allergic to you. I'm gonna get some antihistamines for next time.

-How long is your hair? - Always Ready To Rock length. That's about down to shoulder blade length for those not in the know.
-What's the one thing that gets you totally amped, in a good way? Everything. You. Mirrors. MP3's. Dancing. Sunshine. Yeah, everything.
-What did you do to Chief Andy that made him call you a loser? - I told him I already had a date to the Winter Formal.

Why don't you post in Socialize? - I'm an idiot.
Do you not have enough time for us? - No.
We could use you down there. - I know, I've got to get my priorities right.
Where did you get your sense of humor? o-O - I borrowed it from a friend and never gave it back.

How did you master the art of making ridiculous faces?  Good job! - I practice everyday by watching a mix of late night public television and listening comments on youtube and twitter posts read by robots. You should try it sometime.

Why? - Mostly I just can't figure out what else to do. I am here, now, and this is all I know.

in what ways did Parkour help you throughout Survivor? not just the physical parts, but the philosophies and the mind set as well. - Well I lost, so it didn't really help all that much. As far as what it did do for me it was give me a positive outlook on the situation, knowing that whatever challenge lay ahead(physical or mental) I was confident in my ability to adapt to overcome.

When you comin back for another UIC jam? - I invented the UIC jam. I've jammed more jam at UIC than any living human being. They should put a statue of me jamming in the center of the quad. I heard they're skimping and going for a plaque though. WEEEEAK.

where is ur fav place to train? - I like anywhere I can just run, the rest is just momentum and reaction. That's just about anywhere in the world.

How did meeting me change your life?

Are you ready to meet the sexy's dog alive, not me, roxy. - I didn't know how to tell you this man, Roxy and I have been talking online for a while now. It started with facebook poke's but now it's just something so much more. I hope you're cool with it.

What is the emphasis of your training? - Survival. I want to do what I love to do but still be able to do it tomorrow. Living's too much fun to not do it everyday.

Where do you find the songs for your videos? - I try to find songs that feel like how I felt when I was doing the things in the video. I collect music from friends,family, and my favorite iPhone app Shazam. Shazam lets me tag songs that I hear so I can get them later, I like it because I"m not picking songs because I like the way the band looks or if I think they're cool, I get them because I like the song. I try to expose people to songs that I like that I think they may not have heard before.

Chris Kessler
Hey Frosti, I dig all of your videos. I'm definitely a fan of the Levi and Frosti show. - Thanks.

Just wondering what you do if you feel like you've plateaued. How do you get the motivation to keep going? - I think that my training will continue to evolve as I do. As my interest in parkour changes so will my abilities and focus of my training. I love how I feel when I do it, as long as that is still there I will be too.

Where is parkour going for you? Wherever the wind blows?
- I'm gonna be the very best like no one ever was. Not really. I'm just going to keep doing it and keep spreading it. I believe in parkour and what it can do for people. I feel like people want to do it naturally and I want to tell them it's ok, that they should do it and they should enjoy it.

favorite gear?
shoes -
Ariake Mesh
Clothing - Birthday Suit
back pack - I like to travel light.

Where's your favorite spot to train?
- The place I've probably put the most hours in at UIC because it has so many different things to train and you can go for extended runs there and not run out of things to do.

What traceurs inspire you? - All my friends, if it wasn't for them it would be lonely. If I had to pick people who I've been really motivated by it would be people like Travis for his dedication, Levi for his mentality, Diddy for his attitude, Teg for his speed, and myself for sexiness.

Who else inspires you? - Girls. Also anyone who isn't' afraid to do what they love to a level which they believe in, so people like William Spencer or Kobayashi or anyone who's gotten really good at something everyone else said was stupid, because well…who cares, it's your life do what you love.

Are you ever going to be going to any jams in Chicago again? - Yes.

And what is your favorite place you've been so far for parkour/freerunning? - I liked Australia a lot, they had a really good atmosphere for training, the whole community was really open and excited about movement and that really stood out to me. Plus the architecture was great as well as the natural training. 

What do you use for motivation in training when it seems like you've got nothing left? - Zombies.

Do you have any tattoos and if yes what are they?
- I have three. The first is a Japanese crane that my mother drew. The second is a quote: 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." The last one says: "Change yourself, inspire the people, save the world." If you want to know why i got them or what they mean you'll have to ask me some other time because I don't feel like typing it out.

Name 3 books/movies/tv shows that everyone should check out.

Books - Dharma Bums, The Naked Ape, The Wind Up Bird Chronicles
Movies - Night of the Living Dead, The Fall, Trainspotting
Shows - This American Life, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Discovery Channel

Over your experience, what injuries have you had? - Mostly just sprained ankles, tweaked my wrists, and jarred my knees, but other than that cuts and bruises. Knock on wood.

Also, what techniques do you use to overcome your fear. - The do another technique technique. Things that I really want to do though I usually just put through this test: Do I want to do it? Can I do it? Why haven't I done it yet?

> Boxers or briefs? (Or none?) Boxer briefs, I don't like chaffing.

> Where do you see PK/FR going in the next ten years or so? - Moon boots, and then we're all gonna quit.

Do you incorporate Wilderness training into your practice, or would you say that your environment is usually urban? - I don't do it nearly as much as I should but I do enjoy it, I also believe it's very useful, but the truth is I spend most of my time in urban areas so the most amount of my training should be done there. But it's always good to vary your training and it's always good to spend time in nature. Guess why? It's natural, as in what you're supposed to do.

First things first: Super duper job! - Thanks, I try.

Second things second: When Andy actually brings me to Primal next time he goes, will you not be a loser? - No guarantees.

Third things third: Walk me through a normal day for not a question? What's a normal day consist of? - Wake up. Be awesome. Go to sleep. Some times I skip the first and last steps, but NEVER the middle one. Mostly my being awesome aligns around making APK work for all you crazy kids and making sure we can help as many people as possible find out about parkour in a positive way that will help them start or develop their training and pass on that  idea of parker that I believe in and that we all care about so much to the rest of the world.

Matthew W
What are your hours? - 24/7

If I could say just one thing to all of you who read this or to whomever you care to share this with it would be this simple statement: You are here, now. This is what you're doing. This is your life. Not your parent's life, not your friend's life, not a movie. This is it, you, and every action, every choice dictates the definition of not only your character as a human being, but more importantly the story of your journey. So if you care about something or someone then that matters, because it's important to you. So do something about it. Tell someone about it. Even if you just think about it for five minutes everyday, it's enough to remind yourself that you have this gift, that is the present, this moment and not only is it yours to do with as you please but you're aware of it and you can act. You are here, now. Realize that and then figure out the rest.

Thanks for your time and I appreciate all your questions, if you have anymore you can post them/PM/facebook I don't care it may take a while but I'll get to it.

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Frostis interview.
« Reply #27 on: January 28, 2010, 08:51:41 PM »
Thanks Frosti.

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Frostis interview.
« Reply #28 on: January 29, 2010, 07:02:22 AM »
Haha, thanks Frosti. You're answers are really clever and funny.
I have this image of a tidal wave appearance from like 50 Traceurs and Traceuses doing PK from one end of a mall to the other. t'would be epic
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Frostis interview.
« Reply #29 on: January 29, 2010, 10:29:17 AM »
Thanks Frosti! :)
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