Author Topic: how to do flips of the ground  (Read 1692 times)

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how to do flips of the ground
« on: December 28, 2009, 06:32:37 PM »
Well i know a lot of people want to learn how to do flips of the ground well here is how to do it. and how to get ready to be able t do flips of the ground.
if you cant do a flip on a tramp your pretty much doomed at this if you can your already one quarter of the way there. first be veery very good at doing flips on a tramp. then move on to doing flips on the tramp with out bouncing. Then after a while move on to doing it of somthing. do it of somthing you are confident to do it off and make sure if you flip of don't panic in mid air or your history. Once you are good at that try it straghit of the ground but onto somthing soft for exsample i did this at school i did it onto a plant haha. Once you are landing of your feet you might as well give it a go.
congratulations you can now do a flip of the ground.
1. make sure you feel confident
2. make sure you have sombody by your side in case you get seriously injured.
3. make sure you tuck your self in like a ball when you flip
4. be hard and give it a go again if you failed if you wana see how i failed take a look at this video on the following link i failed and i tryed again straghit of not bouncing and i landed it.

Thanks for reading
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