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Clouds Interview
« Reply #20 on: October 31, 2009, 01:05:48 PM »
How's it hanging?!

How often do you train/condition? What's your routine like?
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Clouds Interview
« Reply #21 on: November 03, 2009, 02:30:10 AM »
Ryan, what is your greatest memory of training? First Kong vault, first jam, etc. it can be anything.

Greatest memory would prolly have to be Chicago’s first massive Midwest jam.  Everyone was just together having a great time it was a truly epic jam! Check it out

Ryan, why did you become a traceur?

Hmm, prolly because of the freedom, both physically and mentally.

Why did you do that to the GN thread!?

That thread was just way to serious and needed some loving =)

Where did you learn to do that?

If you’re a member of Aero it tends to rub off on everyone..

And do you think I can ever be as awesome as you?

Waatt?  You’re already more awesome then me!

What are your thoughts on the new APK "What is parkour?" definition?

I think it’s great! It is actually really close to my personal definition I explain to new peeps.  I think adapting is one of the best words you can use to define parkour.

What exactly went through your head when you found a Horse (Ivan Sanchez III [See profile picture]) in your bed sheets?

Soooo….    We meet again…..

Have you ever compared yourself to a comic book super hero/villain? If so, who?

hmmm not as much compare, but Iceman is my favorite.  If you get into games then I’d say look up to Tidus the most =P

Where did you learn your (poor) sand/earth-bending skills?

From badgermoles you silly

Hey Cloud why wont your parents let M2 say at your house anymore?

Ohhhhh mannnn….  Tis a long time ago that M2 got ban hammered by my parents…

What is your favorite skill gained from Parkour?

Standing Kong to Percision For Great Justice!

Whats your opinion in regards to Parkour compared to Freerunning. Same thing, different philosophy, different movement, what?

This is hard for me because when I started there was a huge push to separate it, but after meeting and talking to a lot of the original practitioners I’d have to say they are the same thing.  Just move =)

when you 1st started training, what as the most difficult form of movement for you to get proficient at?

Downward precisions…!!

Since you have been in the Tribe, what do you think has been your most rewarding moment?

I’m not on the Tribe!!!!  I train with them all the time, but the most rewarding experience is just being with everyone at the same time.  When everyone from APK gets together for a job or event, it is just non stop fun…

Have you ever played any other sports?

For sure, Snowboarding, gymnastics, breaking, and a bit of martial arts.

What direction do you see parkour going in the future?

Parkour will get broken up into tiny local communities and there will be less of a community presence on are global sites. =)

What first got you interested in parkour?

Saw a news clip about Belle and his group and was instantly hooked.

Hey cloud whats your favorite spot in Chicago to train at?

I’d have to say UIC since it is the most diversified.

Also what did you do to become a well known traceur?

I’m well known!?  I never trained with that being my goal or making any special efforts to become more established.  Just train hard and help as many people as you can =)

did you ever consider/ already have a girlfriend that is a practitioner?

Hahahaha everyone is always taken, I’ve tried to get a few friends to do it, but they are never interested in parkour =\

does the discipline permeate into anything else in your life?

I’m an Animator, and I also like to animate my life.  I try to apply a lot of the mental aspects of parkour to everyday life.

How has Boxxy inspired you to improve yourself?

Because she loves everyone even if they hate her   <3

Do you think you will ever meet Boxxy?

why do you think I moved to Cali?!?!?  Gosh!

/C/loud, has your opinion changed about the Kirvos and amphibious tigers at all?

oh noooo, always be careful, luckily the tribe keeps them at bay…

Why did you have to introduce me to such a wonderful thing that is Boxxy?

Because she loves you and I wanted to show you how much she loves you

Can I has your sunglasses (Im just assuming you have some somewhere)?

I honestly don’t have any sunglasses!!!  Never owned any my entire life!  I’ll make it a goal to buy some when I’m in Tokyo though.

What would you like for Christmas?


What shampoo/conditioner do you use to create that incredible mane of hair?

Hhahaha I was rocking Suave for awhile, and then switched to a herbal essence conditioner =P

How often do you walk away from a movement or area because of fear or uncertainty? And how often do you return and "conquer" that fear or movement?

Quite a lot, I only push my boundaries when I’m ready and don’t take unnecessary risks.  When I was in the UK I conquered a ton of fears and had some great training partners to help me out.

You recently moved.  Has that affected your training?  Do you find traceurs are mostly the same everywhere, or do you see substantial differences between communities?

Currently I’m in between jobs, so during the week I’m training for my new job, and on the weekends I’ll get some training in.  Traceurs are practically the same everywhere!  UK guys were great and ever community I visit is always fun to be with.  I feel like they are all the same, but there focus can be different between each one.  For instance one community might focus on conditioning while another community might focus more on just having fun.

In your opinion, why are most practitioners (lets face it) geeks?

Parkour is still very young, and in order to find it you have to start browsing the web.  This will inherently weed out any people that aren’t tech savvy, thus leaving behind the more technology geared people.  Also there are a ton of people that don’t use the forums and just train in communities, so if you only look at the online communities then you will only find the geeks =)

what Traceur do you look up to/inspires you?

Oh man there are so many.  All of the Tribe (they are great guys to train with) Tempest, King David, Ilbaca, Generations, Belle, and a lot of Chicago guys as well.


NEVER MUAHAHAHHA!!!  Or maybe for thanksgiving….

How's it hanging?!

Going good, nice weather and good training, how about you?

How often do you train/condition? What's your routine like?

I have pretty sporadic training.  I don’t do much lifting at all, and focus on practical workouts like climb ups, standing jumps, quadrapedal movement, and repetitious parkour exercises.  I’ll train around 3 times a week with some sessions hitting the 5 to 6 hour mark.

U gaisz all rock!  Thanks for your questions and feel free to email anytime.

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Clouds Interview
« Reply #22 on: November 03, 2009, 10:50:08 AM »
Thanks so much Ryan.
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Clouds Interview
« Reply #23 on: November 04, 2009, 03:25:01 PM »
Yea, thanks for the replys
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