Author Topic: Woodland Hills: looking for another runner/want to know good spots to run  (Read 1091 times)

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I'm new to this forum and relatively new to my area, which is Woodland Hills, and I'm looking to make some parkour/free running connections. I'm not new to parkour, or free running, so I'm not looking for classes or anything, instead, I'm looking for people or a community to run with. I don't particularly care whether you don't think you're very good or whatever, I just want to have some connections to hit up for a good day of running. So yeah, even if you're not personally in the area, but know someone who is, please give me some way of getting in touch with them. I've looked for a while online, but I can only find websites or forums for classes and payed training or whatever, so if I you know a place that I can find runners in the area, let me know.

Btw, just some personal info, I'm an 18 y-o male, from Hong Kong, and my email is (if you want to contact me)
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