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Pcking's Training log
« on: September 02, 2009, 05:59:40 PM »
Hello everyone. I've been pondering the idea of starting my own workout log for a long time :P. I've watched many other people do these and i think it will be a good thing to keep me motivated. If you have any suggestions or ideas on things i should do please tell me. I'm currently 15 years old, about 5 foot 9 inches tall, and 135 pounds. I usually workout at least every other day. I am still somewhat recovering from my recent injury of fracturing my ankle, tibia, and fibula. Once i'm all the way healed I plan on practicing Parkour. Well thats a little about me now lets get to the goals and workout log.

50 pushups no rest
20 handstand pushups no rest
walk down stair sets on my hands
hold a handstand for a minute straight
20 pull ups and chin ups no rest

Todays workout (Worked out yesterday too so not too hard)
2x20 pushups
3x10 chin ups
1x10 neutral pull ups
1x6 10 lbs. weighted neutral pull ups
1x3 20 lbs. weighted neutral pull ups
3x10 dips
3x30 crunches
1 minute plank

At the end of my workout i did some work on handstands and walking down stairs on my hands and such.

Like i said not too hard of a workout today since i hit it pretty hard yesterday just kind of a spontaneous workout today. Please post some helpful criticism