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A.C. Sports and Wellness Expo
« on: September 02, 2009, 11:32:14 AM »

NOTE: Had to use audioswap due to copyright infringement. I enjoy the new song though.

I Had a lot of fun! Sorry for the lack of footage, we were so busy getting our own stuff done, and this was the last thing on my mind unfortunately. Hope you like it, we just wanted to display the basics of Parkour so throw any expectations of 'extreme movements' out the door. I can't say it enough, but thanks to everyone who got out here, it wouldn't have been if it wasn't for you guys. A special thanks to M1LES for having me at his place and giving me huge portions for dinner. At some point I will have an article written up for this, give me a couple days though.

Have fun and train safe!


P.S: There will be an upcoming demo at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in December.
Myself, David Jones of Souderton,Pa, Fearless Hyena Stunt Team, LIFE Parkour, and Rowan Parkour participated in this expo. Real world obstacles (park bench, trash cans, Shopping carts, tables and wooden beams) were set up obstacle course style to expose parkour training to Atlantic City.

Sunday the 30th, 10am
till about 4 p.m. we warmed up, drilled techniques, ran the ever changing obstacle course, explained parkour philosophy, assisted some younger kids through the course and had a good and exhausting time.

We also got the familiar "What are they doing"? face. Those who were brave enough to ask and or run the course got a thorough answer and experience.

Big UPS to DAVID JONES for helping with "the search" LOL