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Alex's Training Journal
« on: July 27, 2009, 08:26:52 PM »
Finally Revived my Log thanks to my good friend David Glass.


   ▪   Learn to successfully complete a Kong Vault on a picnic table.
   ▪   Overcome my fear of Monkey Vaulting a rail.
   ▪   Build up muscle and lose the extra fat. (My goal is to go from 213 pounds--> 200 pounds and finally get a 6 pack which           has been my goal forever)
   ▪   Train up to 2 hours every day but leave one day for rest.
   ▪   Complete 2 consecutive Pull ups.
   ▪   Become more flexible with my legs so I can make my long precision jumps (My legs are too stiff and need more fluidity)
   ▪   Learn to to a front flip from a table or anything off the ground and later once i accomplish that I will want to learn to do a Backflip.
   ▪   Get over my craving for Chocolate well learn to control my craves. Also cut down on food portions.
   ▪   Meet new Traceurs!


-Cocoa Pebbles (I know I know bad bad bad... but I had too. I usually eat cheerios) with 2% milk.

- 2 Nectarines, Frozen Grapes, 2 slices of white bread raw (freshly made), 1 cup of Orange Juice.

 - Pasta Bowties with Bacon and Peas.. Only 1 bowl.. I used to have around 2-3 bowls but I am cutting down on portions. Also resisted from dessert.

-1 1/2 hours of carrying 100 pound trees to the trashcans.
--> went to the local school where I train.
- 15 minutes of just Lazy Vaults (worked on fluidity in my vaulting)
- 20 minutes of pop vaults
-1 hour of Balance training on a 2 inch wide rail only fell once
- 10 minutes of Tic Tacs (Managed to get 6' off my tic tac push) my new record.
-5 minutes of QM
-30 minute Run to and from the school.
- 2 sets of 15 dips
- 5 sets of 1 completed Pull up.
Injuries that I have Currently

- Still have Runner's Knee have had it for over a year.