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What would you change in your home?

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What would you change in your home?

I want to make a sunroom in my house. I already found guys who are professionally doing this, right here . I read reviews about them on the Internet and I really liked the examples of their work. I want to start remodeling my house in spring. It seems to me that this is a good solution for the living room - one glass wall. The windows of my living room overlook the garden and the lake. It will be very beautiful.

Im glad to see that everyone seems to be thinking the way I am :  Its good to  not have to want to do what people would call move up just because the place is a big name.

A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of money. A traditional wire transfer goes from one bank or credit union to another using a network such as SWIFT or Fedwire. But the term wire transfer gets used for other types of transfers.

Perhaps we should have a POLL and see what NEW hardware people would like for their MTX.. Theres obviously the  bits already done:

ReMemorizer Andy Key
512K Memory Board Andy Key
MAGROM   Dave & Martin
CF Card Reader Dave & Martin

But what NEW stuff would you like ?


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