Author Topic: Toronto national jam, July 31 - Aug 2. Carpool?  (Read 1014 times)

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Toronto national jam, July 31 - Aug 2. Carpool?
« on: July 10, 2009, 10:44:17 AM »
I noticed that the Toronto PK group is hosting a jam the weekend of Aug 1-2 (  I've been thinking about getting up to Toronto anyway to visit a friend and wondered if anyone was planning on making the trip up.  It's a 9 hour drive from DC, but if there were a few people sharing the driving/tolls/gas then it might work out well.

I could leave Thursday night after 8 (stop in a cheap motel around midnight and wake up early for the second leg?) and arrive back in DC as late as 10 or so Sunday night.  I can't do any logistical organizing yet b/c I'm about to head out on vacation for a week in the woods, but wanted to put this out there before it was too late.

I have a two-door Honda civic coupe (standard transmission) that can fit four people max.  Not a great car for this distance so an alternative would be better, but it's an option.  If you're interested let me know if you know how to drive stick shift, when you could leave/return, if you have a better car to take, and where generally you live.  I'm in Mt. Pleasant, DC.  I'll pick this thread back up when I get back from vacation.
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Re: Toronto national jam, July 31 - Aug 2. Carpool?
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2009, 05:14:21 PM »
Cameron, I think a few of us are planning on heading out there (I'm a maybe), I think there's a discussion on facebook. Hit me up and I'll include you.
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