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Kahului / Wailuku
« on: July 09, 2009, 02:06:57 PM »
Exploring Kaiser Permanente Maui Lani Clinic - Maui Memorial Medical Center - Cameron Center - Maui Police Department... well, maybe not... Yahoo map

Pros: If you get hurt, you're very close to medical attention.
Cons: If you get caught doing something stupid, you're very close to the police station.

KP clinic has plenty parking, but not a lot of obstacles. The one decent wall I saw and almost vaulted was the shoulder-high containment wall for the AC: a stupidly large drop on the other side. Further up Maui Lani Parkway, there's a nice long stretch of fence with a drop to grass.

Lower MMMC parking lot - long stairway with rails going up. There is a landing about 1/2 way up. This would be a perfect place to do rail to rail precisions if you were scared of getting hurt: grass on both sides of stairs, plus ER is a short walk up.

MMMC had some nice little walls, fences and rails. There was also a security guard sitting in a golf cart, so I didn't explore as much as I would have liked. I did see a courtyard with an 8' chain link fence. Maybe next time.

Cameron Center has some dirty stairs, picnic table, small banyan trees. Not enough to make it a hot spot, but maybe a good place for a half hour or so.

MPD has interesting architecture. The roofs look do-able for a more advanced traceur, but you'd have to have incredible chutzpah to pull it off. I don't think they'd give you permission. On the other hand, they're always looking for police officers. Then you could make a challenge of it.  ;D There's a large back area, with dogs. I didn't explore it.

Guardrail and curb going uphill from MPD back to KP Maui Lani.

This made a fun little loop. Good for a training run. Don't think you'd want to stay in any one place too long.
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Re: Kahului / Wailuku
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2009, 05:52:57 PM »
Huh. I thought I had more here than this. It's in serious need of an update. That isn't going to happen today, tho.

Forget about the walls at Paradise Self-Storage on Ho'okele St between Wal-Mart and Zippy's. Turns out they don't like people in black clothes running across their property and vaulting the walls, etc. at night. Considering the short amount of time I was actually on property, their security guy responded VERY fast.

If you rent from them, they may be more forgiving... at least that's what he hinted. I wouldn't count on it tho.

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Re: Kahului / Wailuku
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2010, 10:59:55 AM »
I KNEW I had written up more for Kahului... Ozzi didn't copy it over...

After talking to Levi, I was inspired to look around Wailuku Town. Wailuku's older - some of the concrete is broken and flaky. Some rails are rusted through and broken. If you're from out of town, Friday evening is fun - they've got bands hanging around at different places downtown [parks, street corners, Market Street]. Apologies for not being specific about place names... I covered a LOT of ground.

State and Federal buildings : The white building at the corner of High and Wells had some nice rails on the side. In front, there are stairs and rails. Nice rail with grass on other side. There's an area with painted cement walls in a U shape around a tree. Stairs and some rails there, too. Heading toward the State building, there's a concrete wall of decent size, with a rail on top, and ground cover at the bottom. Unfortunately, the concrete's in bad shape. Some rebar is exposed. Federal Building is an asbestos hazard.

State Office Building/ Hoapili Hale Loading area in back - walls, rails, some nice stuff. Upper deck has these funky round 70's inspired concrete seating areas. Deck is a drop to grass on the small side - not for beginners, but something for the future. Getting up would be a fun challenge. Police. Walls between SOB and HH. Sculpture at HH would make for some nice photos. HH has a great underground parking area.

One Main Plaza has some nice walls and planters.

One Medical Plaza has some nice rails in front, and a long sloping L-shape ramp with a rail in the back. There's a great 10-12' gate next door that looks solidly built/ fun to climb on?

Main St by Calvary Chapel rails, ramp, low wall. In front, a couple more rails.

Market St Bank looked better than it was. 33 Market St next door was more interesting. There are several little alleys/ spaces between buildings blocked off by 8-9' gates. Some alleys were quite narrow: 3-4 feet.

Mill St There was a great rock wall. It's high, very long, solid built, and not a'a. I could spend days on this wall. The grinding rollers at The Millyard might make an interesting photo op.

Border of Wells Park and Iao School Rails, ramps, stairs. Then I found out it was a school. Sigh...

Wailuku Business Plaza Ramps with rails. I like these, because a beginner can start at the low end, and slowly work up to the bigger ones.

Lower Main St I didn't see anything that really caught my attention. I didn't get far off the road, tho.

Wailuku Industrial Area The whole time I was here, I was thinking, "How do I get out of here?" It looked like it was getting past a barbed-wire topped fence or gate, running past a pole barn/ industrial type building, then finding some way to get up a large wall and dropping into some place on Lower Main. If I lived here, I would find a couple ways.

Iao Parkside : It's all private housing. I didn't see anything special.

There were several places that had one feature - a stretch of wall, or a rail. There's also one very cool spot that I don't remember how I got there - I was running under a building, and thought it dead-ended. Later I was on the other side, and saw that there actually was a gap to a ledge.

I don't do schools. St Anthony, Baldwin, Iao, Preschool, etc. all look like they have some interesting features. I'm not willing to see if Maui enforces the stronger laws against trespassing on school property. I'll let minors do that.

I'm sure there are places I missed - looking the wrong way, or didn't go behind the right building. I had a fun time. I'll be back.

Cameron Center: After playing there in day time, I'll have to rate it better. Some of it is dirty. Looks like some support beams were damaged in the earthquake. Still, plenty places to play. Rails, stairs, walls, working drinking fountains.

Kaiser Permanente Wailuku Clinic: Back loading dock has security cam. Looks like it just covers the service doors. I did pull-ups on the near-by staircase and didn't even get dirty looks. Ramps and rails near the annex. The roof is boring, but would be very easy to get onto. East side of parking lot has woods, with like an 8' unpainted wall with 3' rail on top. There's also a tall rock wall on south side of parking lot [separates doctor parking?] The top was sharp, tho.

Keopuolani Park, Botanical Garden, MACC and Maui Community College [MCC]

Keopuolani Park is large and sprawling. I spent a lot of time near the soccer pit, working on my kongs on picnic tables, wall ups and playing on the jungle gym. From there I moved to stairs, and did simple vaults. Tried to do rail precisions, but it wasn't happening. Lots of 2x6 fence for balancing. The skate park is much simpler than Kihei's. More crowded, too. "Can I help you" near Youth Club building, so I moved on.

Botanical Garden was a hidden surprise. It was very quiet. There were several picnic buildings with windows at 4'. Several picnic tables, too. The most fun I had was doing precision to precision on the roots of a banyan tree. The park is only open until 4 pm, tho. There were rock walls, shipping containers, and a jungle gym I didn't even touch. Strange to have 3 strand barbed wire on top of a 6' fence to protect a botanical garden.

Picked up the second part of the park, past the YMCA. Entrance was nice. Woods was a lot of kiawe - I wasn't in the mood for thorns. Baseball dugout has roof bars 6' apart, so tried to lache the distance. More picnic tables and rails. Low bleachers. New playground is under construction. Walls, fence, shipping container.

MACC had some rails, some banyans I've played in before. I chose not to go on the rock walls - I could see where pieces of rock had been pulled out.

MCC. Part of the campus is low and flat - small boring buildings, or old garage type buildings. From the library north, you've got elevation changes, lots of rails, walls, drops, gaps. Security was very present, but easy to spot. This could be a good spot as long as you kept a low profile, and kept moving.