Author Topic: MCBH OC access with authorized personal only. AKA Military.  (Read 1026 times)

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This is just to tease you guys and torture you a bit, but also to let you know that maybe you can join me once in a while when I plan to go with my wife (shes a marine).

I am planning to go as soon as I am healed with Pete and Adam. For now just enjoy the pics and envy me..  ;D
This is the order the course is set.

Edit; you have no idea how much I wanted to jump around in there today.

This is CAKEEEEEE!!!

They are pretty high if you decide to vault one at the time, but easy to just run hop it.

Under bars anyone?

Last and probably the most challenging part of the course. Wife is 5'4" so thats about 30 feet up.

Some other stuff around the course not part of the run though.

So I'll be hitting this spot as soon as I am healed 100%, a couple to a few months. I'll keep you posted as if will not be the only time I will go.
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