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Jaz's Log
« on: July 04, 2009, 11:51:11 PM »
Hey APK It's Jaz. I'm starting this log so I can atleast keep track of my progress. I started parkour because of the philosophies, mental and physical disciplines, and it just looks pretty damn cool. I've been working on and off for the past few months but college has been getting in the way. Finally that I got some of my classes over I have a bit more free time. Now I'll be taking my training and conditioning more serious. I live in North Carolina with next to Ft. Bragg (Army brat).

AGE: 18
BODY TYPE: athletic

1. do 100 push ups (25 reps
2. do 25 pull ups at once
3. run a mile non stop without being winded
4. do 150 sit ups non stop
5. Perfect my balance
6. Perfect my vaults
8. Better wall run
9. Better cat leap

Today's workout:
Didn't do much, was to busy getting everything ready for the 4th of July party and had some school issues

20 bench presses
20 chest flies
20 tricep kickbacks
20 bicep curls
25 reverse crunches
20 push ups
10 dive bombers
10 (10 second) planks
25 squats
25 calf ups

Also done some forearm workouts and I worked on my kong and dash vaults for half an hour