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Temecula Parkour- Jimmy's Log
« on: July 04, 2009, 06:16:29 PM »
Todays work out: Paloms E School, Temecula Sol Ca

started out with a lap around the school, then streching in the grass on the field. the we got into it with some warm up moves. Basic vaulting, percision jumps, bare crawling acrost some thin walls.

then moved onto move difficult moves. combos like dive kong to a cat, or speed vault off a ledg and roll.

did a game of lines to work on angles  (see blog entry PK Training-Lines)  and doing so we found a really hard combo.   it started out you are looking at 2 walls ware they meet so its a 90dagree angle with a window in the corner of them and one of the walls sloped up into the other one.   so to get up you run at the sloped wall and tick tack off of it and cat up higher on the 10ft wall (tacking out far enough so you dong cat on the window.)

it was a great move to get down.   

then worked on ballance on rails.  and walking backwards on walls
then came the condishioning segment.  this is pushups crunches, windshild wipers, and a fast pace of follow the leader.

strech again, and the day was over
-insert something insperational here- 

Temecula Parkour + youtube = goodtime