Author Topic: I never miss Miami music festival but this time I wasnt able to go.  (Read 40 times)

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I'm at lost of words for how incredible i thought the whole Movement experience was. I live in Miami and love electronic music but lately Miami (the city) has kind of tried to distance itself from the electronic scene so essentially the scene has gone more and more underground, which is fine in my book, but i absolutely LOVED how the city of Detroit totally embraced the event. I could feel the city welcoming all of us and the love they have for Movement. It was just a great, welcoming vibe all around. The locals were awesome and the hospitality was top notch.

I was so upset for missing this year's MMW, could barely contain myself from looking at all my friends going to all these expensive events here in Miami but i'm glad i held on since i had planned to skip everything for Detroit instead. Well, that's going to be my plan now from now on.

See y'all next year!