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What is the best drink after a long run?

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What is the best drink after a long run?

I know that many people are fond of running, but few people know how to run properly and how to prepare for running and what to do after running so as not to harm their health. I know that there are special drinks for runners that help restore the salt balance in the body after a long run. I read an article on this portal . On this portal there are many useful tips about various sports drinks for their benefits and harms, as well as recipes for how to cook them at home.

The best drink for me after long run is water with lemon - cold water - the most perfect thing does not exist!

I don't take water with me, but here in Paris there are drinking fountains along the quai de seine and the bois de Boulogne, where I run, so I always end up stopping once or maybe twice on very long runs.

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That's a long time to be out running without drinking water. You can do it in ideal weather conditions, but it will take you longer to recover. Find a route that includes drinking fountains or run a 10 mile route twice and leave water where you started (at the mid-point) if you don't want to carry water with you.
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