Author Topic: Anyone want to be interviewed???  (Read 88 times)

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Anyone want to be interviewed???
« on: August 16, 2019, 11:46:08 PM »
Hey everyone!
my name is Debbie Xie, I am a freshman at Naperville North HS in Naperville, IL. I am currently doing a research project on freerunning and parkour. I talked to Mark Toorock about posting this up here and he said it was fine. I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me by filling out an interview:
1. How long have you been studying parkour or freerunning?riverslot sweepstakes

2. Which do you practice more? Why not the other one?
3. How did you get started?
4. What do you think has the greatest impact on a person's skills? Why?
5. Has practicing parkour/freerunning ever prevented or caused any serious injuries? If so, what happened?
6. What was your biggest challenge throughout your studying of parkour/freerunning?
7. Were your parents ever concerned about your safety?
8. Did you convince any of your friends to try parkour/freerunning?
9. In your opinion, is parkour/freerunning a sport? If so, what makes it different from other sports? if not, why?
10. Do you have any messages you would like to tell people about freerunning/parkour?

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