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Training Log
« on: April 23, 2009, 09:33:59 AM »
My Training log

Note I am mainly a swimmer but I am learning parkour to spice up boring running :P

I have goals for swimming which is make state cuts
this is a parkour forum but basically my current goals are just to get my roll down solid i'll updtate once it's perfect.

Played Frisbee for a hour
Did my 3x a week weights (will post when i can get my weight routine but it's to long for me to remember)
swam for 2 hours (main set sprint kicks with XL long sleeve t-shirt then sprints with same shirt.)

4/23-4/30 was basically pure swimming in the pool work outs which i won't go into but toput it this way it was some of the hardest things i have ever done in my life.
5/1 I had to take off due to a sore shoulder because of 4/30's swim work out.

5/3 I met up with Chris Price from APK and abrickwall one of my friends and we trained at the Geo building on the MSU campus.  Chris was a great teacher and real motivation to really work at parkour it was cool seeing how good he was.
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