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Tinyfunk's Training Log
« on: April 22, 2009, 09:24:35 AM »
I was leery of starting an online training blog but after taking a glance at some of the excellent advice I thought I'd start one up.  So here's my deal:
- 31 yr. old male/ 6'2"/ 260 lbs.
- been a serious weightlifter for 15+ years
- got into bouldering 6 years ago
- started training specifically for parkour for two years
- got a pretty clean diet (with the exception of dessert at dinner!!)
- workout 3x a week (2 lifting days 1 cardio day) and climb once a week
- do a quick 20 min. yoga session in the morning

- 25 push-ups to failure
- 5 pull-ups (GOAL: 1 muscle-up)
- 12 dips
- hold a handstand for 10 secs. (GOAL: hold for 1 min.)
- hold an l-sit for 10 secs. (GOAL: hold for 1 min.)
- can't quite hold a back planche (GOAL: hold for 1 min.)
- frog stand for 1 min. (GOAL: hold knees off of elbows)
- most lifts like bench (315 lbs. for 5 reps) and squat (used to be able to squat about 495 lbs.) are good although I've recently concluded that I've been squatting too shallow all these years

Anyways, you get the idea.  About October of last year I jammed with the PKFR crew and my left knee started killing me although it had been on the fritz for months before that.  Of course I tried to do as much as I could while letting it heal instead of laying off all activity involving my knee and it just exacerbated the situation.  I looked on the Mayo Clinic's excellent website and diagnosed myself as having patellar tedonitis.  About two weeks ago I forced myself to really lay off of it: no climbing, running, or other high impact exercise which pretty much rules out most PK training.  I've been icing it after workouts which really helps and wouldn't you believe it, it has been feeling a lot better!!  After looking at some articles I think my legs esp. my knees are really week in the lower range of motion because of my shallow squatting all these years so after my knee heals up a bit more I think the next step is to start working those deep squats like a fiend.  Feel free to throw advice my way!!