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Handstand Technique
« on: March 27, 2009, 05:22:53 PM »
There seem to be alot of threads asking about how to do handstands so this is to settle what I can.
First off, there are many different ways to apply handstands to Parkour/Freerunning. This page, however, is about how I perfer to do a regular still handstand.
Before Starting Keep in Mind
-Perfecting a handstand takes A LOT of practice. Don't expect to be able to hold them for 5 minutes after a little training.
-Practice against a wall. start facing the wall, and when you are up, your back will be facing the wall.
-DO NOT walk while in a handstand. Walking is easier, but it's a horrible habit to get into. It dosen't take nearly as much balance, thus, dosen't help as much. And unless you have great arm strength, it can be bad for your joints.

Step 1: The Kick-Up
When begining the kick-up, keep your arms facing straight down towards the ground, not facing above your head. Fall foreward with one leg staying on the ground, and the other staying even with your back. Once your hands reach the ground, kick your back leg up to be even with the other. The momentum will push you up onto your hands.
The kick-up is very hard to perfect. It is very difficult to find the right amount of speed to exert through your legs so that you go up, but don't fall on your back.

Step 2: Balancing
Once your'e up, you need to stay up. Again, DO NOT walk around on your hands unless it's to keep from falling on your head. Keep your body straight. You should try to have your stomach and butt in tight and your toes pointed.
The most important thing, however, is your hands. Your hands should be facing foreward, about shoulder width apart(maybe 1 or 2 inches more). You stay up by balancing on your palms while your forearms are straight along with your body. You should only be nudging yourself with your fingertips and palms to keep from toppling over. This is where the balance come from.

-Practice against a wall, and practice often
-Don't walk in a handstand
-Keep your body straight
-Balance using your fingertips
-Practice practice practice!!
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Re: Handstand Technique
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awsome :)

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Re: Handstand Technique
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I feel like we should bump old threads.

on to the subject matter,
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