Author Topic: Fight or Flight?  (Read 14321 times)

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Re: Fight or Flight?
« Reply #100 on: May 03, 2009, 06:08:16 AM »
Please, if a make major error feel free to correct me.  I'm new to forums in general, not just Parkour.

I actually took that signature from an experience I had once.  One of my good friends has an obviously autistic, but still functional, brother, and once when I walked into a room he randomly said: "Patrick Stuart: An All-American Patriot."  He loves those kinds of quotes, and I thought it was totally cool.  And now that you know the backstory, you know a little bit more about me.

On-Topic, seriously:  I think that as soon as someone tries to physically invade you or others, you may respond with as equal force as possible.  If the danger is only to myself, I would probably just run if I could, just because it's easier that way.  No reason to get everybody hurt in a fight if I can just wait half an hour for the guy to calm down, or just not go back at all.
I decided not to put something deep here.  I'm in this for the physical aspect, the mental and spiritual are my own.