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Nick's journal
« on: June 07, 2006, 03:44:42 PM »
ok well, I'm generaly an active person. I havent ever really kept track of my workouts on a schedual I just tried to get out and do things whenever I could.  I guess ill start recording what I do though.

wednesday, 6/7/06
- 80 situps
-running (1.5 miles, I know, not far, but I'm new to running more than just a quick sprint)
-20 burpees
-climbed a rope hanging from a tree in the woods near my house, I have no idea how long it is, anyway, after trying for about a week, I finaly made it up the whole rope only using my arms.
-balanced on a basketball for 15 minutes
-practiced quadrapedal movement up and down a slanted railing

goals for the summer:
-be able to run farther without tiring
-increase over all strength
-get better at quadrapedal movement
- over come my fear of turn vaulting over big drops
-find traceurs in kenya
-get better balance

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