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Freds training log
« on: March 16, 2009, 07:49:46 PM »
I like the idea of this training log, it seems to be a good way to keep track of your fitness records over time.

Saturday I did a 6 mile trail run
Sunday was 50 pullups 50 pushups and 50 situps, and a bit of skateboarding.

Today (monday the 16th)  I worked on my core by doing wall handstands, and my biceps and forearms by using free weights and dead hangs.


10 foot long jump.
60 pullups without stopping.
15 muscleups.
75 situps in a minute.
Run less than a five minute mile.
Go to Japan for ninja warrior.
Improve mentally and physically through parkour.
Use my knowledge of parkour to help others learn.