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I decided that it might be good idea to post my training log instead of just keeping it in my hard drive. So here goes the list

Short term goals
15 sec flat tuck back lever (currently 20-30 sec tucked back lever)
30-45 sec straight arm frog stand (done 20 sec tucked planche on paralletes but my elbows were slightly bent, so I'm teaching myself again. Completely locked elbows are my goal)
15 sec flat tuck front lever (done 60 sec tucked front lever with no problem. not quite sure of my form on flat tuck front lever)
60 sec L-sit, 15 sec adv L-sit with right form (done 30 sec L-sit before. my back still caves in little bit still and my hips are slightly behind my arms when I try adv L-sit)
20 sec free standing handstand
1 free standing handstand press up (done handstand press up on a wall)
1 dead hang muscle up on a bar (done muscle ups on rings, however no consecutive muscle ups yet)

7 ft precision jump with proper landing
10-20 consecutive precision from rail to rail that are 3-4 ft apart by landing balls of my feet (right now I sometimes land on arches of my feet)
10-20 consecutively hitting edge of curb when doing running precision.
tic-tac over 7 bricks at CCRB (slightly shorter than 6 ft)
...and more that I forgot to write down on my training log

Long term goal
Iron Cross 5 sec

height: 5' 8"
weight: 130 lb
age: 20

I started PK around March 2008, so I've been training for around 8-9 months now. Before PK I ran Cross Country during my high school and did some weight lifting during my senior year in high school. For the first few months of PK, I only did techniques and did APK WODs if possible when I was on my own, although the first month or two I trained with MIPK. Starting last semester, I did mumbo jumbo of different things; BW training, pseudo SS (I just read what people said about SS and kinda made my own routine). I bought Building the Gymnastic Body over the winter break and have been trying to create workout routine according to the book. Since reading the book I sort of put my focus on building a gymnastic body instead of PK. I will be training with MIPK but I'm concentrating more on gymnastic workout.

I own push-up bars that I use as paralletes, own rings from but haven't found much use yet (surprisingly hard to find place to hang them properly...too cold outside to work on them outside).

I basically have set workout routines. M-W-F I do integrated BW training
3 sets each (30-60 seconds b/w superset exercises)
superset A1 back lever A2 pulling (row, pull-up)
superset B1 planche B2 pushing (PPP, HSPU, dip)
superset C1 front lever C2 legs (pistol, hamstring curl, deck squat)
superset D1 L-sit/straddle L/manna D2 core/lower back/obliques
T-Th-Su MIPK training
Sa possible rock climbing. Haven't been able to go because of divine intervention (bad weather, tournament)
GTG pull-ups and HSPU
I'm going to continue GTG pull-ups but will change GTG HSPU to 15 min handstand work on T-Th-Sa/Su
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