Author Topic: Recommiting to the forums!  (Read 840 times)

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Recommiting to the forums!
« on: January 04, 2009, 06:42:40 PM »
Hey all! I've been a member on the forums for awhile but I haven't been real active. So I deleted all my posts (that would be the only one) and I decided to start a new! I've changed my username to include my full name so it should go without saying that my name is Tyler Herron. I live about 20 mins south of a town called Hope, AR. I am currently going to a residential high school in Hot Springs, AR. I've been into parkour for maybe a year. . .possibly, not sure exactly. I love practicing this art and feel I am very well connected with it. Although I don't have many places to train I've made do with what I have. If there is anyone near my area that would like to train with me someday send me a text - 870-397-0838. Say that your from APK so I know who i'm talking to! I'm looking forward to conversing with everyone here and learning some more techniques!!!

-Tyler Herron
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