Author Topic: Just started Parkour (Intro and a few questions)  (Read 1265 times)

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Just started Parkour (Intro and a few questions)
« on: December 20, 2008, 03:08:38 PM »
I seem to half fit with this community ;)
Well I recently got into parkour but i don't live in America. I live in Australia but I decided to go to this community because it seems a lot nicer (has less disrespectful and pretentious traceurs) than the Australian parkour website. Another reason i'm here is because I want non-ambiguous and serious responses to questions. (I remember looking the Australian forums and I recall someone asking how to train endurance or something and the first response was one word. 'Sex')

So anyway I was introduced to parkour by a friend. He was practicing vert vaults and I asked him what he was doing. He said he was praticing Parkour. He - who was busy with his training - didn't really explain the concept of Parkour. Well after a bit of youtubing and googling I had a vague and detached idea of Parkour.

I only got a clearer definition of Parkour by looking through this website.

I've only been training for a few days but it was with those days that I saw why people train for Parkour. It is effective, creative and most of all fun. It is like what homework should've been. (I have nothing too big against homework but it is now used as a tool for lackadaisical and lazy teachers) Parkour teaches autonomy, how to overcome obstacles (both mental and physical), how to think outside the box and how to have fun.

I already have the fundamental vaults learnt so I have a few questions about the variations.

Know for my question:
1. When is a barrel vault the most effective?
2. Do style vaults (EG vert vault) fit into parkour or freerunning?
3. I do my kong and monkey vaults with a two foot punch is it neccessary to use a split foot take off for objects longer than a picnic table?

Thank for reading.