Author Topic: My hopeful beginning  (Read 1091 times)

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My hopeful beginning
« on: December 03, 2008, 06:53:29 PM »
Hello, anyone reading this!

As I am new to these forums, I don't know quite how to start, or what to say. So bare with me on the attempts, if you could.

I read up on some of the posts, and the tutorials, and already knowing that the first thing I should learn is the landing roll. But I would like to get a head start on what to look into and what to expect.
If it's to any help, some of my physical attributes are as listed:

Age: 16
Height: 5'8 (172 CM)
Weight: 120 pounds (54.4 Kilograms)
General and possible things of importance: I am not in any special type of martial arts, or discipline beyond what I try to teach myself. I have recently finished some physical therapy on my shoulders from falling, followed by friends falling onto me when my arm was under me, causing something to happen about 2 years back.
I am not athletic, or specially strong, but I am fit and DO have muscle mass. I am not quite flexible, but I do stretches along with work out (in weight training class). I do stretches often because I got into tricking during the summer and began teaching myself some of that, but as I continued to fail at what I did after a month of straight practice, I felt defeated enough to put it back for a bit.

I do take great pride in this, although I haven't gotten started quite yet. This is something I can easily commit my self to for years to come, minute by minute, hour by hour, through sun light or moon light. As such, I would love to be able to do such great feats in which many of you do daily as a simple stretch.
A lot of people have vague ideas, hopes, dreams, and so on about a goal of worthy notice and acknowledgment. They'll tell stories of how they got there; told through song, through poem, rhythm, and rhyme. Becoming an engineer, creating arts of awe, writing literature with wry meanings, climbing a mountain, dousing fires, and even driving a taxi if that's what one desires. Over millenniums, people have accomplished at whatever they try hardest at. Building a hollow horse, creating pyramids, great shrines, electricity and amongst that, emotions - happiness, will, dread, hope, hate, love and the list treads on. Such glory and pride is something I would like to grasp in what I do.
On that, I know that I can't do it alone, and I would accept all, and any, help that is offered. So, here I am. Hoping, wishing, that I can get this started, and without a doubt enjoy every painful, but fulfilling step along the vista with this in mind: My vigor in my hands, my hope in legs, my strength in my heart, and my will in my mind, I will persevere.

So, if you could, anyone who is reading this, you anonymous until broken silence, could help me, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks in advance, and hope all of this wasn't over done :)