Author Topic: PT to PK, My Moto training log  (Read 937 times)

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PT to PK, My Moto training log
« on: November 25, 2008, 05:39:53 PM »
Physical training to Parkour, I will use this log to motivate myself to work harder and become better.


Personal Info (as of 11/25/2008)

Age: 17
Weight: 161.2 lbs
Hight: 6'2"
Rest Days: Saturday and Sunday.

What I have been doing:

On the week days (for the past six or so), I get up every mourning a six and before my shower I do as 2 minutes of steady push up's/crunch's, then again after my shower and again after I eat breakfast. Doing the proper stretches of course. Then at seven I usually run/jog 3 miles to school with or without a backpack filled with 30+ lbs of books. Then after my run home I would do another set of push ups and crunches and then I would do deadhang pull ups as I can. On Friday's I would do PT with my recruiter and fellow poolee's (Marine Corps recruit's who have yet to ship out) and this would consist of tackle football, basketball, grappling and some various exercises. Now, this is all I would do because that is what is tested in Boot Camp (You score points for how well you do in each event and then they are added together for for a total score). Also I didn't think I needed to do other things really, but since I have gotten in Parkour I have learned that I should do more to become 'stronger'.

   Faster run time
   Higher Stamina
   Higher Pain threshold
   Get stronger in every way possible ;)
   Get better at basic vaults and techniques


After today, I plan on rotating several other exercises in to my schedule including the Work Out of the Day and the APK warm up.



70 crunches X4
40 Push ups X4
10 dead hang pull ups
Un timed 3 mile wave run (approx.) once with weight once without


I'll let you guys know how my altered workout goes tomorrow.  :)


*I'm not quite smart on all of the Parkour and workout terminology so I apologize for any errors in what I wrote or whatever. :)