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Hey Guys
« on: October 27, 2008, 01:33:38 PM »
Well, to start off, my name is Julian Vazquez and Im 16.
Im a Free Runner in Coral Springs, Florida.

Im fairly new to the sport - I wrestle at school (112 lbs), and one day the cheerleaders left one of their mats in the wrestling room.
So we propped it up against the wall to get it out of the way, and it slid down a little, as if it were like a quarter pipe (skaters know what Im talking about) and someone dared me, without knowing I did gymnastics when I was 13, to do a wall flip off it.

So I just went for it. Over rotated and landed flat on my back. Knocked the wind outta me pretty good lol.
Then I tried again and under rotated. By the end of the day I could do it off concrete walls on concrete floors w/out a thought.

So its all been very fast progression from there. Ive been Free Running now for about a month, and so far I can do a sideflip, double leg flip, 180 front, round off to back tuck (and/or handspring), cheat gainer, kong vault, dash vault, front tuck, front handspring, wall flip, Jesus flip, aerial, and wall front flip (my favorite trick).

Theres alot of other really simple things I can do, that would take forever to list, but those are the major, mildly difficult things Ive mastered.

Ive been working on videos lately, but I fractured my foot on Oct. 6 trying to do a 3 step Jesus wall flip. I got a little too amped up and decided I could do it my first try on concrete without anything bad happening (obviously I was wrong) and when I landed I landed left foot swinging down first, and on the ball of my foot.

Fractured my second and third metatarsal heads. I just yesterday got cleared to walk in tennis shoes again. Doc says 3 more week till I can get back to Free Running.

I hope I can contribute as much as possible to this forum, and learn a little as well.
If you guys wanna see my videos (only two for now - bad foot) you can check out my teams Youtube.
We call ourselves 954 Free Runners  :)