Author Topic: Parkour. Are we a team?  (Read 14871 times)

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Re: Parkour. Are we a team?
« Reply #80 on: October 31, 2008, 01:09:31 PM »
Ryan Nicolai, yes. That's it.

And yes, Toorock, you are right on all of your points. The positive everyday leaders are great thing, and Ozzi and they are great independent leaders of their individual scenes. These people's leadership is very important, and I in no way seek to undermine it as it is a positive thing. I merely wish to make clear the dangers of having one person's face as the forefront of parkour because this person's actions and behaviors may shape the public's view of parkour. Having a leader is a dangerous game. I feel that we need to keep parkour pure by not having a sole leader, and we need to strengthen our organization in a way that does not use this single leader but a series collective decisions. I believe this because if we the traceurs make decisions as a group, then all traceurs can be held accountable for these decisions. 

Take this how you will, but this is how I feel. Thank you for considering it, if I am not making this clear, please continue to post you questions.

Most communities have a "council."

It's also not a top-down power structure, but rather these leaders are just organising things and keeping everyone safe, passing on certain values.. It's still a mutual exchange of ideas and thoughts.

I like councils. They're pretty cool as long as they represent the body that they govern fairly. Right now it seems to be working, and I think that this is how our organization should stay.