Author Topic: Kennedy Center/Watergate Steps Conditioning Training - Mon. Oct. 20th at 6:30pm  (Read 986 times)

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I thought I separate this thread out.

I know that half of us will be tired from the urbanathlon in Chicago and the other half will be tired from the jam on Sunday, but let's have a small conditioning training session on Monday October 20th at 6:30pm.

Let's meet at the Kennedy Center, north side, next to the Watergate complex (F St & New Hampshire Ave NW). Our workout location is actually the Watergate steps behind the Lincoln Memorial. It is simply stairs with 40 steps. So this is a lower body conditioning session and we need to be a little bit creative to pull it off. There is a lot of grass in the park for rolling practice though.

The stuff I am planning to do are QMing forward and backward up the steps, precision jumps, calf raises, hopping up and down the steps, squats, plank, pushups, inclined handstand walking along a wall, and other stuff you guys can think of.

There are actually a lot of stuff that you can do at the Kennedy center. I did it before and the security guard said to me "you know that would be easier if you walk up right" so he was cool about it. However, I don't think they would let us do wall hangs and stuff because that would dirty their walls, but we could explore the Kennedy center first before heading to the Watergate steps.

The nearest metro station is Foggy Bottom. I think you can take the Kennedy Center shuttle down for the Millennium stage free performance at 6pm. The shuttle runs every 15 minutes. Of course you can always run down :-) There is also bus 80. More info on how to get there:

If you are going to drive, there are plenty of free parkings along the Potomac river, in front of the Volleyball sand court which is next to our Watergate steps.

Note that this is a public place so it is a bit dirty. You may want to wear your workout gloves. I expect us to finish about an hour. It would give me enough time to run home and watch Heroes :-)