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hot spots
« on: September 25, 2008, 03:43:03 PM »
hay guys i was just siting aroundand think about good places to train and i thought it would be cool if we got all the places we know about together in one place and we could all get some verity in our work outs. so if you got a good place let us know about it.   
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Re: hot spots
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2008, 11:47:01 PM »
Well it really depends on where in Nebraska you are, or are willing to go.

Like if you're willing to go to Omaha..
then you probably wouldnt mind crossing the river in Council Bluffs and I could show you a few places over here...

I'm an iowa partron of parkour..
there are few of us.. but we are here..
Like there are a few school parks that a few of my friends and I here in CB trace..
Like Edison Elementary on 22nd and 2nd ave
or Franklin Elementary on 32nd and Ave C. (if you need help finding anything in CB shoot me a line)
If I'm not working I'd love to show you around..

There is an old mall turned business park (a bunch of offices and shit) that has some good stuff.
Trolley Park on 28th and Ave A and Ave B. wouldnt be too bad of a place, alot of smaller stuff.
Or the
Old Jubilee Loading dock on 28th and Broadway (the main street in CB) is a place that i have found myself at several times in the past few weeks.

a few churches One on 23rd st and ave b.
and the other on 25th and ave b
are both pretty good places if you're into rails...

Roberts park has picnic tables and equipment alot of stuff there for higher end and lower end runners.
thats on North 25th street.. like between ave K and M. (not 100% on the address, but its pretty easy to find)

Hmm.. Down in the central part of town there is Bayless Park (5th-6th street and 2nd-3rd avenues,,, square block of park) has some tables and benches and a pretty cool set up.
Some of the older buildings in that part of town have a few hand rails, and drops, and falls. its a pretty good spot for a point A.- Point B kind of run.

St. Alberts Elementary School on 29th st and 9th ave has a few things.
Shit... come to think of it.. my end of council Bluffs has quite a few places that I trace.

Comprehensive list. Highlighted in Purple are my personal favorites.

--Edison. Hand rails, Playground equipment, and Picnic tables. 22nd Street and 2nd Ave.
--Franklin. 2 sets of playground equipment, benches, and a few fences. 32nd and Ave C.
--St. Albert. Tire Mountain, Playground Equipment. 29th Street and 8th Ave.


--Roberts Park.
Tables, Benches, Playground equipment, Center Console building baseball fields. North 25th street.
--Bayless Park. Tables, Benches, BIG grassy areas, random scene. 5th-6th Streets and 2nd-3rd aves.
--Trolley Park. Spongy ground, thick gravel, random shaped equipment, lots of exposure. 28th st and Ave A-B.


--Holy Family Church. Great hand rails grass landing for 70% of jumps. 23rd st and Ave B.
--Cannot remember Church 2's name. Good set of rails, good for vaults, kong walls. 25th st and Ave B.
--Jubilee Loading Dock. Rails. Underbar capabilities. raised landings. 28th and Broadway.

This is by no means a complete list of what Council Bluffs has to offer to anyone, but its just a small list of whats on the west end.

Wow.. That took me quite a great deal longer than I thought it would.
Anyone care to add to it, its more than welcome.

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Re: hot spots
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2009, 01:53:00 PM »
Omaha's got some nice stuff.
The business area is a must, eventually someone will tell you to stop. But you cant go wrong there.