Author Topic: Shichi's trainin log ('s been a while guys)  (Read 1000 times)

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Shichi's trainin log ('s been a while guys)
« on: September 11, 2008, 06:23:01 AM »
Well finally back in the swing of things, gettin my schools club set up and workin on the basics.
My workouts pretty much just been rowing and lifting, as much as we erg do i really need much else :-X
Back to school training (keep in mind each day we erg we do a 10 min warmup and every workout afterwards a cool down jog and/or stretch)
Week 1
Friday 40 min erg(rowing machine that is)
Saturday not really a workout but we did get out on the lake
Sunday Rest
Monday Rest
Tuesday core work, more ergin 1:40 on 20 seconds off for like 7000m +jumpees
Wednesday repitition bar workout in weight room, bench, squat, good mornings...etc. 6 min ab work 3 mile jog + insane amount of pullups (Worst burn out after this workout)
Thursday field sprints and leg work
Friday more ergin i cant remember what tho
Saturday lake practice
sunday rest
monday sick
tuesday sick
wednesday sick (bad start to a week really  [WTF])
thursday field work and sprints
week 3
Friday light erging before 6k test
saturday 6k test (23.22.9 minutes, broke my time by a minute since last year)
sunday rest
monday weight room workout at Doug's gym in dallas (really neat place, i felt like i was in a rocky movie, hard wood floors and everythin was kinda beat up but it was a fun day)
tuesday 2x6k erg (first time 23.04.9 beat my time again and im still kinda sick :P second a bit dissapointing 25.41.8 i think)
wednesday Weight room work out medicine ball squats and lat squats bench press and about 30 pullups, around the track lunges then 1.5 mile jog(my legs felt like noodles)
Thursday (today) lake practice
Well thats pretty much it i'm dieting like crazy and ingesting massive amounts of proteing a la muscle milk and meats, had a bunch of delicious oysters last night and shrimp, perfect after that workout.
Thanks guys feel free to comment i just felt like trackin my progress  ;)
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