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FreeWolf's training log
« on: August 14, 2008, 11:52:33 AM »
So I finally have time to start my training. Starting to day I'm completely new to Parkour, but here goes nothing. Also, at the start of this log, I'm not in great physical shape at all, but hopefully throughout these weeks and months that will change.

August 14: Thursday
Weight: 168
Daily workout: Went to the park for about 45 minutes to train in various aspects as a start to see where I'm at.
          I found a good pole that runs at an angle up the side of a swingset, it seems to be a pretty good place to work on my Cat Balance, as well as the back of a bench and a bicycle rack.
          I don't have much upper body strength yet, so I found a nice bar that is about shoulder height, I pulled up as much as I could, then used my legs as little as possible to complete the pull up, hopefully soon I won't have to use my legs at all.
          I need to build more endurance as I still get tired fast, but I guess that comes with the training. Also, I hope to soon take a gymnastics class, so maybe that too will help build strength among other things.

I'm off work friday so I can go to the park again.
Goals for friday:
Atleast 1 hour workout
lose a little weight
up my number of various excercises
make a journal(possibly on this one) keeping track of the amount of various excercises and times I can do. Maybe even go to the Tennessee Acadamy of Gymnastics(TAG) to see when classes start.

Other notes:I considered posting up some signs at the part, the board at the front of the neighborhood and maybe tyhe back of some stop signs looking for parkour/free running enthuesiest in the area to meet at the park to train and talk, I'll have to find someone willing to print them off for me. Also, I need to find a training partner, it's bound to help with my motivation.