Author Topic: standing double full outside, gap PKUSA, walbckhndsprng to frontflip triplefull  (Read 706 times)

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instead of clogging up the forum with individual posts i decided to delete my previous ones and condense it all into one, anyways i want some solid feedback from some vets,

anyways heres my gap jump vid, i think some people from NYPK are scattered all around  me

heres my latest sampler. halfgym halfoutside ALL RETARDED. :)

heres a wallbackhandspring into a frontflip.

heres my triple full, (on tramp of coarse)

heres me coming one hair short of a barani to a double full

and  this is my standing double full,
(i previously had a post with this in it but i had to have it deleted)

the floor is lavA!