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III HIpk Parkour Seminar in Oahu
« on: July 14, 2008, 06:22:39 PM »
It is that time of the year again, when passionate individuals get together to combine all their knowledge in order to share it with as many people as they are fortunate enough to meet.
 HIpk and Urban Current are organizing the III Island Wide Parkour Seminar that will take place on Oct 19th 2008. At the Aiea District Park from 9am to 5pm.

 This event will cover all of the bases and fundamentals of Parkour as well as some mental aspect.

* Fitness Test   
    Hang time (shimmies, swing, monkey etc)
    QM's/crawls etc.
    Cat Grabs
    Jumps - up, up and over, height, side ways.
* Rolls and Landings
    Roll technique - directions - uses - drills
    landing -  condition - proper techniques - uses -drills
    Uses of rolls to break falls.

* Jumping Technique

    Box jump (heights)
    Distance jumping (gap jumps)
    Speed jumping (approaching with jog/run)

    With Approach and stationary take off.
* Precisions
    Balance conditioning (cat balance etc)
    Take off (arms, approach take off, and stationary take off, etc)
    Air time
    Spotting landing
    landing (ball of feet, absorption)
    Landing (rail precisions)
    Technique and variation (ledges, rails)
* Hurdles
    Form (knees/landing etc)
    Proper jumping method - ambidextrous take off.
    Up and over (land with roll and without)

* Vaults
    Methods and benefits
    First fears and how to handle them
    Speed vault
    Take off variations (ambidextrous technique - inside or outside leg)
    Arm placement (leaning etc)
    Landings - Preservation of momentum
    Lazy Vault
    Balance/weight transferring and fluid motion (energy preservation)
    Approach (side & forward)
    Take off (ambidextrous take off - kick etc.)
    Progression of motion (arm placement - balance - hip thrust/weight transferring and release)
    Landing (level - momentum preservation - and heights/transition to landing technique/roll if needed)
    Variation (thief)
    Dash Vault
    Most common fears
    Take off (ambidextrous)
    Body transition and progression
    Landing (level and drops)
    Variation of obstacles
    Two handed vault.
    Approach (speed variation)
    Take off (introduction to split and double foot take off)
    Hand placement (weight balancing - release)
    Progressive motion technique
    landing (variation on heights)
    Monkey & Kong Vault
    Monkey Vault
    Progression (knees technique)
    Approach & take off (motion and stationary)
    Hand placement (chest over, upper body push - release)
    Landing (preservation of momentum)
    Transition on to Kong Vault
    Speed approach (arm coordination)
    Take off (split and double)
    Reach (dive, hand placement, hips, legs, upper body push)
    Landing (preservation of momentum - height - transition on to roll)
    Variations (traveling kong)

    Turn Vault
    Hand Placement
    Take off  (stationary)
    Progression (chest over - weight balancing -  spotting landing - hand switch)
    Variation (TSLT)
    Under Bars
    Methods and uses
    First fears and how to handle them   
    Approach (motions and stationary)
    Take off (legs first)
    Spotting hand placement.
    Motion (hips/kick, pull up, push and release)
    Landing (level and heights)
    Variation (360, high jump, side angle)

    Tic Tacs
    Uses and variations
    Motion breakdown
    Approach (speed and jump)
    Take off (foot placement between hip and knee)
    Progression (45° kick, arms and push)
    Direction (up, across, forward)
    Landing (if needed)
    Variation (180 or 2 footed)
    Pop Vault
    Transitioning from tic tac
    Transferring momentum upward
    Climb up (arm placement, using momentum to assist your climb)
    Push over.

    Wall up
    Reaching higher obstacles by using the techniques learned during the tic tac and pop vault class.
    Emphasis on kick, reach and climb up.
    Cat leaps
    Uses and variations.
    Proper body positioning. (legs flexed, arms slightly bent, traversal motion)
    Foot placement (placing feet first to absorb impact)
    Hand placement (proper placement to transition onto climb up)
    Take off (with approach or stationary)
    After wards we are going to attempt and put all the learned into some simple exercises to create urgency and combine the techniques into a simulated real situation.

   There is a participation fee of $20 per person.
   However for those who are part of the HIpk community there will be a discount of $10 for every person you bring. Bring 2 people and your fee is waived.
   (all guest you bring are required to pay the full participation fee)
   You entrance fee will include.
   - You full participation
   - An event outline
   - Aside coaching if needed
   - Raffle ticket
   - Water bottle
   - Power bar

  You must be there 30mins prior to sign waiver and provide you with everything you need for the day.
  Lunch will be at 12:00 we will start again at 1:00
  There is a shopping center about 3 minutes drive from the park.

  Suggestions; bring extra watter, snacks (bananas and chocolate are ideal) sun block and any aids if you think you will need it. It is very likely for anyone to get some blisters and scratched hands throughout the day.


 HIpk people, we count on you to spread the word about this event, the more people we get the more the community will grow and the funner it will be, aside form the fact that you will pay less. Grin. So post this on your myspace, facebook or where ever you think people will see it. Talk about it at school, friends anyone you think may be interested. This Seminar/workshop is for you, lets make it big, lets make it fun
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