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Jimi's log
« on: May 19, 2008, 12:52:57 PM »
So, I am horribly out of shape, out of the loop, and completely and utterly sedentary at the moment. I did absolutely nothing all winter, and the end of last summer because I was so busy with school and work and all that good stuff. And when track season came around about 2 months ago, I decided that would be the perfect way to get back into shape to actually take pk seriously this summer. I'm no stranger to parkour, but I'm so out of the loop, etc. that it doesn't even matter. Back to the whole track thing, well, I am built like a sprinter, and made to sprint, but the sprinting practice is pretty simple and not very helpful to me, so I went for the distance team. I made it the first day of tryouts easily. Second day of tryouts, I hurt my knee. I continued to go to meets and what not, but then about a month and a half ago, on one of our easier practices (where its just mile warm up, fifteen minute stretch, 8 to 10 mile run around town, and stretching warm-down), on about the 6th mile, my hip began to have very very sharp and excruciating pains. I saw the trainer at the school, and I was out for the rest of the season and here I sit now. My hip is finally better, and I am in terrible shape with only about two weeks of exercise between last July and now.   >:(

So I am now dedicating myself to get back into pk and be serious with it this summer. But first I need to get into proper condition before I attempt to drill any movements whatsoever. So I'm logging my next couple weeks here for people to yell at me when I slack off, just until I get into regular habit. So with no further grammatical errors and long winded excuses and terrible run-on sentences like this. Here is today:

May 19th: (easy day because of work and school)

-the agility exercises and such that my trainer had me do for my hip (since my hip can still get a lil irritated at times)
-ten minutes of stretching
-about a half hour on our dinky weight machine/however long it takes me to figure out a suitable routine and do my reps
-2 reps of 25 situps
-2 reps of 25 pushups
-ten minutes of jump rope at 120 turns per minute (4 minutes of rest at the 5 minute mark)
-ten minutes of stretching to warm down

May 20th: (was gonna set my goals and stuff for the day and have a good workout, but got busy with making a dvd of my neighbors house since they are being wrongfully evicted, so i'm just posting what i did manage to get done after i helped them move their stuff and make the dvd)

-50 situps
-20ish pushups (lost count when my mom came to drop her share of the cellphone bill off to my dad)
-ran a little over a mile
-some agility drills

Goals for May 21st: (work day)

-Run 2 miles
-50 pushups
-100 situps
-half hour with weight machine routine
-twenty minutes of balance drills
-fifteen minutes of agility drills (not including jumprope)
-five minutes jump rope with a 2 minute rest after the halfway point
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