Dexterity Parkour: Skill/Speed/Style Competition

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Dexterity Depot is proud to host its first ever Parkour Competition! The event will include a Style, Speed, and Skill competition!

The Skill Competition will consist of 2 rounds. In round 1, athletes will have 30 minutes to try to complete 10 preset challenges around the gym. The top athletes will move on to round 2, where athletes will have 2 minutes to complete 5 more difficult challenges.

The Speed competition will consist of 2 rounds. Athletes will race through a speed course using their Parkour skills and techniques. The athlete with the combined fastest time of both of their runs will be the winner.

The style competition will consist of 2 style runs and a big trick round. For the style runs, athletes will have 45 seconds to showcase their skills by using their Parkour and Free Running movements to create a line. In the big trick round, athletes will showcase their most difficult trick or movement. Athletes will be judged on creativity, difficulty, execution, and flow.

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