Patrick Witbrod

Patrick Witbrod

Patrick is a Technology and Business senior at Missouri S&T where he practices parkour. Constantly trying to improve himself, he's lost 30 lbs because of parkour and martial arts and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Recommended Equipment for Parkour

Parkour requires nothing. However, to get the best training experience, we have compiled a list of recommended items that help you with training and recovery. Clothing Pants that allow full range of motion also offer some abrasion protection, or athletic shorts that don’t restrict movement. TheAPK Store carries a variety of sweatpants, tough-wearing cargos, and shorts that we find work best. We don’t recommend the use of gloves because they may hamper your grip. Shoes and footwear The most important factor…

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Fear in Parkour

Parkour is often associated with fear and for good reason. Fear affects many aspects of parkour. It can keep you safe but it can also keep you from improving or even getting started. The first kind of fear is the protective fear. This is the fear that keeps you from making that jump beyond your abilities and stops you from trying that kong gainer. This is the most useful fear. It’s the guardian angel that, when listened too, can help…

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Être Fort Pour Être Utile

Usefulness. Everyone wants to be useful don’t they? A fairer statement may be that no one wants to be useless. What is useful? Different people have different definitions of the word useful. A traceur should have one definition, helpful in any situation that requires physical stamina, strength, balance, or agility. Our whole discipline evolved from a desire: Etre fort pour etre utile.  “Be strong to be useful.” In parkour we train to overcome obstacles. We train to make the 10…

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Setting Goals

It’s that time of the year again. The time of the year when everyone wants to be a better person than they were last year. If that’s you GREAT. Any reason to start is a great reason. I’m happy that you want to be better. Check out this helpful guide on setting goals.

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The Importance of Goals

Setting goals can be difficult. Setting parkour specific goals can even harder. Where do you begin? What should you measure? What are good goals? Does it even matter? We hope to help you answer those questions with this article. Does goal-setting matter? Goals are very important. You’ve probably heard this your whole life. That’s because it’s true. Having goals and writing them down has been shown to increase the likelihood of success and make people happier and in general people…

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