Adrienne Toumayan

Adrienne Toumayan

Adrienne is currently working as an events manager in Los Angeles where she uses parkour to explore the city. Adrienne is an APK Certified Instructor and she loves to write and travel. She has a degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution and dreams of starting her own nonprofit focused on using sport, specifically parkour, as a tool for peace and development. Blog:

Raul Piscoya at Googleween

Tribe Member Raul Piscoya and APK Ambassador Gabby St. Martin recently had the opportunity to do a performance for Google’s Halloween festivities, called Googleween, out in San Francisco.  The theme of this year’s Googleween was ‘movies’ and the company’s employees and their families gathered to watch Spider-Man and Wonder Woman team up against the bad guys! Credit: @Angli907 Super heroes to save the world! A post shared by Bruce Li (@yangli907) on Nov 10, 2017 at 2:39pm PST Although a bit…

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Precision Parkour Hosts Training for UH Parkour Club

APK Ambassador Keith Mylett recently hosted the University of Hawaii (UH) parkour club at Precision Parkour (Honolulu, HI) for a club field trip. Always looking for ways to give back to the parkour community, Keith was more than happy to host them when the leaders of the club, Matt Jang and Nathan Young, reached out with the idea. The UH parkour club ended up joining one of the adult parkour classes at Precision Parkour which serves a wide range of…

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From Parkour to Stunts: How I Turned a Passion into a Living

Written By: Cody Robinson As I sit here in the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, waiting on a flight to Los Angeles, I laugh a little inside. Not the laugh of someone watching a funny video, not the kind of laugh that you have when you are laughing at yourself, and definitely not the laugh that you might have when telling someone “I told you so!” No, the laugh I’m having is the laugh you had as a kid when you…

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A Parkour Workshop with Wounded Warriors

Written By: Adrienne Toumayan I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mark Toorock (Founder of APK) and Travis Graves (Director of APK Academy and Tribe Member) to talk about a workshop they did in August 2013 with eight veterans from the Wounded Warriors community. The workshop focused on balance, rolling, precision jumps, foot placement, and a little bit of vaulting. Many of the Warriors gravitated towards the balance and mobility work, possibly because that’s something that’s not as…

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Lachette Anniversary Jam 2014

Lachette Anniversary Jam 2014. Photography: Norml Brand A few weeks ago, I went up to Denmark for the Lachette Anniversary Jam at BGI Academy. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it at first because I was really sick leading up to the event, but it was absolutely worth the trip! Besides, I’m trying to take advantage of living in Europe right now. The Lachette team really took care of us this year with a packed schedule of fun workshops, great…

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