PK Go is about challenge. If the Foundations course was “ready” and PK Stride is “set” PK Go is what you get when the starting gun goes off! In PK Go, you’ll use obstacle courses and open-ended challenges to enhance your creativity, “parkour vision”, as well as your conditioning. It is not necessary to take PK Stride classes before PK Go, but it’s up to the instructors as to whether or not PK Go is the best class type for you.

PK Go Schedules:
Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 8:00pm – 9:00pm


 Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 8:00pm – 9:00pm

Membership Cost:
Ultimate Membership

  • Unlimited classes+ PK L.I.T.E + Unlimited Open Gyms – $180.00/month

Standard Membership Options

  • 3 Classes/ Week+ Friday Open Gym- $120/ month
  • 3 Classes/ Week+ Friday Open Gym+ All Saturday Training Sessions- $150/ month
  • 3 Classes/ Week+ Friday Open Gym+ PK L.I.T.E- $160/ month

Basic Membership Options:

  • 1 Class/ Week- $60/ month
  • 1 Class/ Week+ All Saturday Training Sessions- $100/ month
  • 1 Class/ Week+ PK L.I.T.E- $110/ month

Email us to register